The Dick Beardsley Races is committed to giving back to the outstanding community that supports and hosts this wonderful event! The best way for us to give back, is to give the youth that are doing their best to go to school and stay active.

Shoes for Kids is a fundraising effort that begins with the Dick Beardsley Races group, adds corporate and individual sponsors, who then donate dollars to purchase pairs of running shoes for the children in the Detroit Lakes Public School system. We work closely with Under Armour to provide great shoes for children who are in the most desperate need for a good pair of shoes for gym class or for just being a kid!

According to the Minnesota Department of Education, over 55% of the children enrolled in the Detroit Lakes Elementary school are in need of the free & reduced lunch program (2015). This indicates the enormous need that the children have for assistance.

Our goal for 2017 was to raise $5,000 – enough to buy 200 pairs of shoes that would be distributed to the 2 elementary schools in Detroit Lakes. The educators at each school will then determine the children that are in the most need of these shoes.

Want to help? It’s easy! You can donate when registering for the race or you can click the link below!