2-Person Half Marathon Relay

Miscellaneous race day tips

Each relay runner will have a bib-tag, which must be worn for an official finish time. There is no bracelet or device to exchange.

There will porta-potties available at each exchange.

Where is the Exchange Station?

2-Person exchange is located just on the south side of the Long Bridge Marina. The address is 2000 Long Bridge Road.  There is parking available at the Long Bridge Bar & Grill parking lots.

Relay runner #1 starts the race at the official starting line on Peoples Street. Relay runner #2 report to the exchange station at the Long Bridge. Each person runs approximately 6.5 miles.

How do I find my relay teammate at the relay exchange stations?

All relay participants should determine an estimated time it will take to run their individual legs. Also,¬† you should try to remember the color of your teammate’s running attire or wear the same uniform.

Can our team meet up to run into the finish line together?

Yes, this is okay by us. We would recommend that you meet up with the last team member along Peoples Street and finish together. We do ask, however that you be very careful not to interfere with the other individual runners who will be finishing at the same time. To that extent, we prefer relay teams be aware of anyone trying to pass them as they work to get to the finish line. No “human chains” are allowed.

Who is in charge at the relay exchange stations?

The relay stations are managed by a team of relay marshals. The marshals will be wearing bright safety vests and will have megaphones.

Will there be any water at the relay exchange stations?

The relay stations will provide bottled water for the runners finishing their legs at the exchange station.