Meet the Pacers

Introducing the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon Pacers of 2019!


Goal Time - 1:35

Vicki lives Fargo with her husband and five kids. She started running to stay in shape for soccer and ran Grandma’s as her first marathon in 1997. She continued running because of how it challenges everyone on their own level but fell in love with the camaraderie developed within the running community. Since then she has run numerous events 5k through marathons and relay events. Her favorite training partner is her dog Sox who is eagerly up at 5 am every morning. Vicki enjoys encouraging others and helping them achieve their goals. Her marathon PR is 3:15 set in 2019 on the Fargo Marathon course. She has also run a 3:29 at the Beardsley Marathon and 3:31 at the Boston Marathon.


Goal Time - 1:40

Steve Wagner has run 28 marathons, four ultramarathons and Rim to Rim to Rim at the Grand Canyon in April 2019. This fall, he is returning to the Chicago Marathon, where he ran a personal best of 3:15 last year. His favorite part of running is the community, positive energy at races and the daily pursuit of constant improvement. Steve's first 13.1-mile race was the 2007 Beardsley Half Marathon, and he's returned several times to the fall classic. One of his goals has been to serve as a pacer and help others attain their goals.

Ben G.

Goal Time - 1:45

Ben loves the challenges of training and racing. He keeps registering for harder/longer races which means the training gets harder and longer. Ben looks forward to helping you with your next challenge. Ben has paced 10 races and has a marathon personal best of 3:14.


Goal Time - 1:50

JoEllen trains with the Fergus Falls Area Runners (FFAR), whom she considers her racing family. In addition to her passion for racing, she is also the mother to four young children under the age of 8 and a full-time Invasive Cardiologist at Lake Region Hospital in Fergus Falls, MN.
JoEllen has run 18 marathons in the past 10 years including three Boston Marathons, two Chicago Marathons, and four Twin Cities Marathons. Her PR in the marathon distance is 3:36 which she achieved at Twin Cities 2016. She has also raced numerous half marathons, 10Ks, and 5ks over the past 10 years. Additionally, she has been competing in triathlons for the past five years including numerous Sprint and Olympic distances, three half Ironman distances, and two full distance Ironmans.


Goal Time - 1:55

10k and 10 mile, half marathon and full marathon - Lindsay has paced them all. While she loves the individual drive and dedication it takes for a person to train for a race, she enjoys the opportunity to pace and help runners achieve their goal on race day - ideally, with a smile on their face. She has run 11 marathons, including the Boston Marathon where she qualified with her personal best time of 3:30, and most recently, Grandma's Marathon, her first full marathon since welcoming her son last spring.

Ben T.

Goal Time - 2:00

Ben has been pacing half marathons for approximately five years. He has paced 15 half marathons, usually at the 2:00 or 2:05 pace group. Ben has run approximately 25 full marathons, including all 15 of the Fargo Marathons.
Ben’s interest in pacing began as a result of his wife, Gwen, who founded the Lost Dog Pacers Team. Although a little reluctant at first, Ben has grown to appreciate the camaraderie that the pacers have with each other. Ben also finds it very rewarding to run alongside other half-marathoners, especially those who are running their first half marathon and those who are trying to achieve a personal best.


Goal Time - 2:00

Gwen has run over 80 half marathons, several marathons, and countless 5 and 10ks. For Gwen, running started as a hobby and has now turned into a passion. Gwen enjoys helping runners reach their goals. She loves talking to other runners about their future events and running milestones.
She started pacing in 2011 and as a result Gwen has developed many friendships with other runners and pacers. Building on these relationships, Gwen began organizing pacers to run races throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Ultimately, Gwen formed Lost Dog Pacers in 2018. With a network of more than 100 pacers, Lost Dog Pacer currently provides pacers for over 20 different events annually, including Grandma’s Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, and Fargo Marathon.

Heather L.

Goal Time - 2:05

Heather has run 18 full marathons, 9 ultras, and over 50 half marathons. She has paced over 25 half marathons over the last 4 years and looks forward to many more. She enjoys pacing and helping others reach their goals.

Heather S.

Goal Time - 2:10

Heather has run 30 half marathons, 30 marathons and 8 ultra-marathons. Her most memorable racing experience was completing the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World with her twin sister. Running has provided her the opportunity to travel and meet amazing people. She particularly enjoys distance running -- the perseverance it takes to stick to lengthy training plans and the sense of victory in crossing the finish line on race day. Heather likes to pace so she can help runners achieve their goals while having fun. Her running mantra came from a Nike ad, “It’s only crazy until you do it! Just do it!!”


Goal Time - 2:20

Lisa ran her first half marathon in 2007 just before her 40th birthday. Now she’s 50 and this year’s Dick Beardsley race will be my 34th half marathon. She ran her first full marathon in 2016 and at the end of September she is heading to Germany to run her 11th marathon in Berlin. The Dick Beardsley half is one of her favorites. There are a few hills but nothing that we can’t handle together! And Zorbaz at the end for the celebration makes all your hard work during training and the race worth it!
She plans to run at a steady pace and walk through the water stops. She looks forward to running with anyone who is needing some extra support or who can give a little support – which should cover just about every runner. Her motto is the more the merrier!


Goal Time - 2:30

Kristin believes that the best part of pacing is helping someone achieve their goals. When a fellow runner hugs her at the finish line because they got a new PR, or tells her that she helped motivate them through the last three miles when all they wanted to do was walk, that’s what pacing is about to her. Kristin has run 30 half marathon and 11 full marathons.


Goal Time - 2:45

Wendi is your 2:45 pacer! She has been running since 2010 and has completed 14 half marathons and 8 marathons. Currently she is training for the Blue Ox Marathon in Bemidji and is working on a plan to achieve her marathon PR at Grandma's the year she turns 50! She has been a pace group leader for several half marathons including Fargo, Wild Hog, GoFar Woman, the Fargo Mini, and the Get Lucky 21K. Even though lots of runners have already gone home by the time she crosses the finish line, she loves pacing because there is always at least one runner who says, ``I could not have done this without you!`` and that gives her great joy.


Goal Time - 3:00

Tara began distance running in 2002. While biking in the gym one day, she saw the Twin Cities marathon on the news. This motivated her to create a goal to run her first full marathon in one year. The next day, she went out for her first run and made it a half mile before going home to rest. Unfortunately, injury set her back and she was unable to complete the race as planned; however, she did complete her first full marathon a year and a half after she set her goal. Since then, she has completed 12 full marathons, 1 Ultra marathon, and almost 30 half marathons. While pacing, Tara likes to talk to people, listen to their stories, and keep runners motivated to achieve their goals.